FULL SHOW: Elite Plan Satanic Ritual For Joe Biden Inauguration As Democrats Commit Open Insurrection



The United States of America is in unprecedented times as we are dealing with a corporate world government take over which currently owns our politicians and our media, making it even hard to expose and remain free from. Greg Reese is live from D.C. reporting on the development of troops there and the stories the media is not telling us. Enrique Tarrio gives Infowars his first interview since being arrested and he discusses the lies being portrayed by media and emphasizes that Trump supporters and Proud Boys have no plans to be at any Capitol or protest. Owen Shroyer continues to expose the truth about the imminent false flags coming as well as the siege that Joe Biden and the Democrats have launched against America.

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One thought on “FULL SHOW: Elite Plan Satanic Ritual For Joe Biden Inauguration As Democrats Commit Open Insurrection”

  1. Jesus said four words to us US, #DeliverUsFromEvil In the form of a prayer to our father in heaven.

    All the demons of hell cannot undo these words. They cannot touch them, they cannot nullify them, they must stand down.

    And every time they raise their heads they’re ugly ass heads in celebration of their master, I Visualize, say, pray these words. Our father who art in heaven thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven, Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil.

    Actually it’s good to say the whole prayer. But for these purposes I focus. Foil them, slay them, short circuit them, defeat them. Defeet them perp walk them. Thy will be done.

    Say this prayer for your protection and your families protection.

    For America’s protection.

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