Fighter Aircraft Pilot

Game description

Fighter Aircraft pilot is a free flight simulator style game. The roar of the engines, the hiss of the wind as it whisps past your wings and lifts you softly into the sky. This is the power and the beauty of becoming a fighter pilot. Soar into the unfriendly skies in order to take on one mission after another of air to ground, air to air, and air to sea combat that will see you hunting down enemy jets, bombing cargo shipments, attacking enemy bases, and tagging the enemies best aces. At your disposal, you will have a series of realistic fighter planes. Some are bombers, some are fighters, some are gunships, and many are somewhere in-between. All are realistic interpretations of their real-world counterpoints and have been molded and created with meticulous care to provide you with a one of a kind, first-person, air simulation game that you’ll want to play over and over again.


H Key: Hide or show instructions E Key: Start Engine Then Throttle: Hold Number 1 Wait a bit, unbrake with the X Key. Build up some speed and take off with the down arrow. Drop Bombs: L Key Activate Lights: V Key Rudder: <,>

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