Vox Populi, Methods of Manipulation


All over the world police states are becoming the superior form of government. Even people from countries conditioned to identify themselves as free are fast becoming informed that they’re living under one expanding, dictatorial, central government. By now it’s occurred to almost everyone that there’s something terribly wrong with the way the world is being governed.

Government corruption is the rule, rather than the exception, internationally, and it’s been so since the beginning of recorded history. Corporations are running uncontrolled and out of hand destroying people’s lives, communities, countries and the planet itself. We are drowned in anxiety, despair and light entertainment. People have been kept distracted on purpose, they’ve been kept in war on purpose, and they’ve been divided on purpose.

This film seeks not only to uncover the conspiracies which undermine our governments and societies but also to examine the nature of reality and in doing so offers some solutions to rectify the paradigm in which we are living.

Take a moment to pause and consider why it is that we’re here on Earth? Is it to spend our entire lives working to pay the interest on the national debt? Or to line the pockets of criminal bankers? Or to acquire as many as trinkets and toys as possible? Does anyone honestly believe he who dies with the most wins? Are we here to run on a proverbial hamster wheel? If this is the reason we’re here then why are the most pleasurable things in life the things that are free?


Some people would have us believe that our purpose in life is to work, multiply and die, or to just entertain our five senses, and of course to pay our taxes. This is hardly a reason for incarnating on Earth. We’ve incarnated here for a greater purpose. We are here to love and to be loved, and the truth is, love is the answer to all the elements that plague our society.

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