Paper Dash

Game description

Dread it, run from it, this game will keep you moving, whether you like it or not and you must hop all the same. A simple but addictive game which only requires that you the player use one single finger in order to pass it, but if only it were that easy. You will slide at an increasingly fast speed and you have no control over your ability to stop. All you know is that you have to collect stars and other items in order to level up and hopefully if you are lucky: escape. You’ll have to develop an uncanny sense of timing in order to surpass this game.

Use your mouse to click on the screen at the appropriate time to make your square jump. The longer you hold the click the longer your character will stay in the air. You will have to avoid falling off of the edges and cliffs by getting the timing of when to click down pat. Please collect all of the available stars on the level in order to maximize your score.

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