Recoil Flipper

Game description

Recoil Flipper is a free avoider game. Use the blast of your Glock 17 to become free. Enter escape velocity with a simple click, click boom as you shoot your way all the way to the moon. Avoid obstacles and target the prizes, start blasting and watch the empty casings fly. In Gun Recoil you’ll be tap, tap-tapping your way up and up as high as you can go. Use the momentum of each shot in order to push you in a different direction. Keep the pace of the shots up so you don’t fall. This is a reactive game about split-second decisions and living with the consequences. You need to find your path and blast your way through it as you collect cash and other rewards. Make sure to keep an eye on your ammo so you don’t run out of bullets and see if you have the grit, the determination, the resolve, and the aim necessary to shoot your way to the top of the scoreboard. Grab your ammo, Steele yourself, bitee down on something and prepare for one of the most thrilling videogame experiences of your life.


On mobile tap to aim and fire your gun. On desktop use your mouse to aim and fire.

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